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21 August 2008 @ 11:51 am
fic: Then murder’s out of tune,/And sweet revenge grows harsh, fob, pete/patrick, r  
TITLE: Then murder’s out of tune,/And sweet revenge grows harsh
FANDOM: Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, My Chemical Romance
PAIRINGS: Pete/Patrick, Spencer/Jon, Ryan/Brendon
PROMPT: Othello for shakespeareetc, 04. Blood for writing_rainbow
WARNING: Character Death like whoa
SUMMARY: Pete loves Patrick, but life isn’t always roses.
NOTES: Some lines taken straight from the play, because they are that good. Beta-ed by butidigress and lazenby
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own anything.

Chapter 4

Pete and Spencer were in the gardens. Pete was pacing back and forth while waving his arms about. Spencer was smiling behind Pete’s back and looking sympathetic to his face.

“Pete,” Spencer asked. “Have you slept at all?”

“No! Of course I haven’t. Every time I close my eyes I can only see the two of them, writhing in my sheets! I can’t sleep Spencer. I don’t want to,” Pete ranted.


“Shut up Spencer! Shut the fuck up!” Pete grabbed Spencer by the throat and slammed him against a nearby wall. “I don’t want to hear what you have to say! I won’t!”

Spencer clawed at Pete’s hand. Pete let go and Spencer slumped against the wall. He rubbed his neck.

“Has he said anything?” growled Pete.

“Who?” croaked Spencer.

“Patrick! Ryan! Have they said anything?”

“No, nothing. Wait, Ryan did.”

“What? What did he say?”


Pete cut him off. “Lie? Lie with him? Lie on him? We say ‘lie on him’ when they belie him. Fuck, that’s foul. Handkerchief, confessions, handkerchief!”

Spencer watched as Pete paced some more and talked to himself.

“To confess and be hanged for his labor, first to be hanged and then to confess,” Pete continued. “I tremble at it. Nature would not invest herself in such shadowing passion without some instruction. It is not words that shake me. Shit! Noses, ears, and lips. Is it possible? Confess, handkerchief! Fuck me!”

Spencer continued to watch as Pete fell down and convulsed on the ground. He grinned and walked around him. “Work, my medicine, work! Everyone is guiltless, but this fool still believes me.” He heard someone coming and dropped to the ground. He picked Pete’s head up and placed it on his knees. “Pete! Pete! Answer me!”

Ryan ran towards them. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know! This is his second fit!”

“Rub his temples.”

Spencer glared. “Yes, thank you. Oh look, he’s coming around. You had better back off a little ways. Who knows what he might do in this state. Come back as soon as you see him gone.”

Ryan nodded and went back the way he came.

Pete groaned as he opened his eyes.

“How is your head?” asked Spencer.

“Are you mocking me?”


“Did he confess?”

“Not yet, but he will. Stand apart and listen.”

“I will be bloody in my revenge, Spencer. Do you hear me?”

“Yes, yes. Will you hide?”

Pete nodded and went behind a pillar not far from Spencer.

“I will talk about Brendon, making sure never to let Pete hear his name. He is so far gone, he’ll hear what he wants too,” Spencer muttered to himself.

Ryan, seeing that Pete wasn’t there, came back to speak to Spencer.

“How are you Ryan?”

“Fine, fine. Anxious to get back.”

“Ply Patrick well, and it’s a sure thing.” Spencer lowered his voice. “Now, if this was Brendon’s issue….”

Ryan laughed. “That poor boy!”


Behind the pillar, Pete muttered to himself. “Look how he laughs! As if my Patrick were a plaything!”


“I never knew a boy to love a man so,” said Spencer with a smile.

“I know! And I think he does love me!”


“Now he denies it and laughs on it!”


“Do you know, he says he will marry you?”

Ryan laughed again. “Marry him? Me marry him? I am but a customer!”


“So, so, so, so!”


“No it is true! He is telling everyone you will marry him!”

Ryan clapped Spencer on the back. “He is convinced I will marry him out of love and flattery, not that I promised him such.”


Ryan nodded. “He follows me everywhere! I was talking to some Captains, and there he comes and throws himself at me. He hung at my neck and sobbed into my shoulder!”

Spencer and Ryan laughed.


Pete glared at Ryan.


Brendon came near them at that very moment. “What is so funny?” he asked.

“Nothing, Brendon, nothing at all,” Ryan snickered.

Spencer stepped back from the couple.


“Why are you following me, anyway?”

“Me? Follow you?” Brendon laughed. “As if.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out Patrick’s handkerchief.

Spencer’s eyes got big and he smiled. Perfect, he thought.


Pete’s eyes followed the handkerchief. He clenched his hands into fists.


“Here,” Brendon said. He shoved the handkerchief into Ryan’s hand. “I was an idiot to take it. This is some token from another boy! I’ll not take it.”

“Brendon? My sweet, Brendon, what do you mean?”

“If you come for dinner tonight, I might tell you. And if you don’t come, well then, don’t come until you are ready.” Brendon whirled around and stalked off.

Spencer stepped forward. “Will you go after him?”

“He’ll rail in the streets if I don’t.”

“Will you eat with him?”

Ryan grinned. “I most certainly intend to.”

Spencer laughed. “Go on then! Chase after him!”

Ryan ran off after Brendon. As soon as he was gone, Pete came from behind the pillar.

“Steady now,” said Spencer.

“How shall I kill him?” Pete asked gravely. “Slowly perhaps.”

“Did you see the handkerchief?”

“It was mine!”

“Yes! You gave it to Patrick, who gave it to him, who gave it to his whore!”

“My heart has turned to stone against my beloved. Nothing shall sway me now. I want them both dead. Tonight, dead tonight.”

“I will take care of Ryan. Patrick is all yours.”

Pete rounded on Spencer. “Of course he is! I shall chop him up!”


“Poison then. I will poison him.”

“That’s not nearly as satisfying. Why don’t you strangle him in bed? The very bed he betrayed you in,” goaded Spencer.

“Excellent idea! The justice of it pleases me.”

They smiled at each other. Suddenly, there was a trumpet.

“What is this noise?” asked Pete crossly.

Spencer peered at the entrance of the gardens. “It’s Frank. It must be from the Duke. And Patrick comes as well.”

Frank smiled and waved a greeting. “Hello Pete! I have a letter for you.” Frank handed him the letter and went over to Patrick. Spencer walked over as well.

“Frank, how are you?” Patrick asked with a smile.

“Well. And you cousin?”

Patrick’s smile slipped a little. “Things have been rough.”


Spencer piped up. “It’s good to see you again.”

“Likewise. What is wrong?”

“Ryan and Pete had a falling out, but things will soon be repaired,” said Patrick.

“Are you sure?” asked Pete.


Pete waved his hand and went back to reading.

“Tell me more,” replied Frank. “Is it a bad division?”

Patrick nodded. “A most unhappy one. I want to bring them back together, for the love I bear to Ryan.”

“Shit and fuck!” yelled Pete.

“Pete?” asked Patrick.

“Are you stupid?”

“What? Why are you angry?”

Frank coughed. “Maybe it’s the letter. Mikey wants you and he to come back and he wants Ryan to stay behind.”

“I am glad.”

“Really?” asked Pete angrily.

“Pete, what is wrong?”

Pete turned around and backhanded Patrick. “Devil!” Patrick fell to the ground.

Patrick’s eyes began to water. “I have done nothing.”

Frank raced towards his cousin. “What is the meaning of this?”

Pete sneered. “Crocodile tears, nothing more. Get out of my sight!”

Patrick picked himself up and said, “I will not stay if it angers you.” He turned to leave.

“Patrick?” Pete called

Patrick turned back happily. “Yes Pete?”

“Go home. I’ll send for you when I want you.”

“Yes Pete,” he said sadly. He walked away.

“Frank. You are welcome at dinner. Ryan can have my place and I will go back home. Fucking hell!” He left suddenly.

“That cannot be the Pete I know,” Frank said.

“He has changed,” remarked Spencer.

“Is he sane?”

“Maybe. I can’t be sure.”

“But he hit Patrick! He loves Patrick more than life!”

Spencer shrugged. Frank sighed as he and Spencer quickly followed Pete.


Pete pressed Jon against a wall. “Are you sure?”

Jon pushed Pete away. “Yes. I have never seen or heard Patrick and Ryan in that manner.”

Pete walked away. “How can this be?”

“I heard everything between them.”

“And he never sent you away?”


“How strange.”

“Patrick is honest. I bet my soul on it.”

Pete grunted. “Bring him to me.”

Jon nodded and left.

“He is a simple man. And Patrick is a clever whore,” Pete muttered.

Patrick and Jon entered. Jon stood by the door while Patrick stepped forward. “What do you want Pete?”

“Come closer.”

Patrick did. “Yes.”

“Look at me.”

“What horrible thing are you thinking?” Patrick asked as he met Pete’s eyes.

Pete said nothing to Patrick. Instead he spoke to Jon. “Some part of your job is to stand outside the door, so go!”

Jon left slowly and uncertainly. He shut the door behind him.

Patrick fell to his knees. “I know you are mad, but I don’t know why.”

Pete laughed cruelly. “What are you?”

“Your loyal and true husband.”

Pete grabbed Patrick’s arm. “Swear it!” he growled.

“I do,” Patrick cried. “Heaven knows it.”

“Heaven knows you are as false as hell!”

“To whom? With whom? How? Tell me!” Patrick sobbed.

Pete cried as well. “Patrick, leave me.”

“Why are you crying?” Patrick asked sadly. “Is it me? Do I make you cry?”

Pete said nothing, he just continued to cry.

“What unknowing sin have I committed against you?” Patrick asked softly.

Pete’s head snapped up and glared at Patrick. “What sin have you committed? You kiss everyone you see! What committed? You slut! You whore!”

“You do me wrong!”

“Are you saying you aren’t a whore?”

“Yes! I kept myself for you and only you!”

Pete looked at him. “Jon! Jon! Come back here!”

Jon came back in and looked at the couple curiously. Pete dug around in his pocket and took out some coins. He gave them to Jon.

“For your pains. We have finished.” He left and slammed the door.

Patrick sobbed into his hands.

“What’s the matter with him?” asked Jon.




“Your husband!”

“I have none. That was not my Pete.”


“Don’t talk to me.” Patrick picked himself up and dusted off his clothes. “I cannot cry anymore. Put my wedding sheets on the bed tonight. And call your husband here.”

“Of course,” Jon said as he left. Soon he was back with Spencer.

“How can I help you?” asked Spencer.

Patrick said nothing. Jon spoke up. “Spencer, Pete called him a slut and a whore.”

“Am I, Spencer?” asked Patrick.


“A slut. A whore.”

“That’s what he called him and who knows what else,” said Jon.

“Why did he say such things?” asked Spencer.

Patrick began to cry again. “I don’t know!”

Spencer put an arm around him. “Don’t cry. Don’t cry.”

“Has he thrown over so many good matches and his father to be called a whore and a slut?” railed Jon.

“How did he come to think this?” asked Spencer.

“I don’t know,” cried Patrick.

“Some villain I’m sure. Some fucking worthless rogue. Some asshole has come up with this slander!” yelled Jon.

“There can be no such man,” stated Spencer.

“Ha!” Jon laughed. “Pete’s been abused by some asshole. There’s no other way.”

“Shut up, fool,” Spencer grumbled.

“Spencer, what can I do to win Pete back?” Patrick asked quietly.

At that moment, some trumpets blared.

“They summon you to dinner. Don’t cry, all will be well.”

Jon took Patrick’s hand and they left.

There was a knock at the window and Spencer saw Gabe. He let the other man in.

“How are you Gabe?”

Gabe glared. “You aren’t playing fair with me.”

“How so?” Spencer asked in a bored tone.

“Everyday you lead me on some silly errand. You supply me with a little hope and I won’t stand it any longer.”

“Will you listen to me?”

“No. I’ve heard you too much already.”

“You falsely accuse me.”

“Ha! Give me my jewels. The jewels you said you gave to Patrick for me. I found none.”

“Fine. Go then.”

“ ‘Go then’, ha! I cannot. You have tricked me, I think.”

“Very well.”

“It isn’t very well! I will tell Patrick. If he gives me my jewels, I’ll give up. If not, I’ll be looking for you.”

“Are you done?”

Gabe blinked. “Yes.”

Spencer laughed. “I see there is some courage in you yet. My opinion of you is better now.”

“Thanks. I guess.”

“I haven’t done exactly what you think, but if you don’t have Patrick soon, you can kill me.”


“Ryan will take Pete’s place and Pete will leave. And you will have never had Patrick.”


“So, Pete will stay if there’s an accident with Ryan. You can try to woo Patrick again.”


“Yes. One that knocks his brains out.”

“Tell me more.”

Spencer smiled. “I knew I could count on you.”

They left together, laughing.


Frank, Pete, Patrick, and Jon left the dining hall. Patrick walked slowly next to Pete. Pete didn’t look at his husband.

“Will you walk with me Frank?” Pete asked.

“Yes, of course,” he replied.


“Yes Pete?”

“Go to bed now. I’ll return later. And dismiss Jon.”

“I will.”

Pete nodded and left with Frank. Patrick turned to Jon. “Come. I must get ready.”

Jon glanced at him as they made their way to the bedroom.

“How is he?” Jon asked.

“Looking better. I must dismiss you.”

“Dismiss me?”

“Yes. Give me my nightgown and go. We can’t make him angry.”

Jon snorted as he helped Patrick undress. “I wish you had never seen him.”

“I don’t. I love Pete.”

Jon snorted again. “I’ve laid the sheets you wanted.”

“Good.” Patrick hummed a song. Then he shook his head. “My mother had a maid. This maid had a love, who went mad and forsake her. She killed herself, you know? She had a song, “Willow”. She died singing it and I can’t get it out of my head.”

Jon said nothing as he gave Patrick the nightgown.

Patrick began singing. “ ‘Sing willow, willow, willow…’ Hurry Jon, Pete will come soon. ‘I called my love false; but what said he then? Sing willow, willow, willow…’ Go, get away.” He sighed and rubbed his eyes. “My eyes itch, Jon. Does that mean I should cry?”

“Does it matter?”

“I suppose not. Hurry my husband comes.”

“Ha, husbands! They are fickle and if we fall it is their fault.”

“What? Why?”

“They haven’t attended to their duties. We have needs too.”

Patrick stared at him before saying, “Yes. Well, good night. I will see you in the morning.” He kissed Jon’s cheek and ushered him out the door. Then Patrick went to lie on his bed and wait for his husband.

End Chapter 4

Chapter 5
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